About accelerator

Initiators of tech change.
1991 is a ukrainian accelerator that helps startups to establish scalable business and develop a ukrainian and worldwide ecosystem.

Social Boost is a Ukrainian tech organization operating since 2011. It creates the synergy between startup community, business and the public sector to implement innovative solutions and make quality breakthroughs in the economy.

One of SocialBoost's flagship projects, 1991 Accelerator, is the first accelerator in Ukraine with the most highly-focused and deep pipeline. We assist entrepreneurs on their business journey, from a flash of inspiration to real startups, that provide services to citizens, businesses, and government agencies.

1991 Accelerator focuses on the development of business processes and the growth of projects whose activities create an impact on the country and the citizens.

6 years — 30 programs — 2,8 million dollars — 7 years — 28 programs — 2,8 million dollars

In 2016-2022, we conducted 28 incubation and acceleration programs and produced 200+ startups, 30% of which were funded with more than $ 2.8 million.

In 2020, 1991 Accelerator was accredited by the Ukrainian Startup Foundation, resulting in increasing the number of accelerated startups.

What we do?

We conduct incubation, acceleration, and mentoring programs for the startups, focusing on impact tech.

We also involve participants in special government programs with local authorities, anti-corruption IT initiatives, and business corporations.

Our programs are a unique example of cooperation between the public sector, business, and startups, aimed at developing and scaling up unconventional companies in Ukraine.

At the same time, we invent a thriving startup ecosystem in the regions, by maintaining strong ties with local projects and developing international partnerships. We have experience in organizing projects for citizens of CEE countries.

In 1991 Accelerator we build a platform for communication and implement our event formats. We disseminate knowledge and create conditions for effective community building.