For startups



So, you got the chance to boost the startup. What opportunities are opening for your team?

Guidance and mentoring


We will find a mentor for your project — an expert practitioner from the relevant industry. He will become your critic and inspirer, which helps you stay in touch with reality and choose the right vector of development.

At the same time, a broader network of consultants, investors, and corporate partners, will share knowledge in all areas necessary to scale a project: from data analysis to creating a marketing strategy.



We will help to select a successful model of development: investment attraction, incorporation into a state-owned enterprise, establishing a public organization for cooperation with donors. We can also promote a crowdfunding campaign.

Synergy with government and business


1991 Accelerator is a place where startups find a common language with businesses and governmental institutions. We cooperate with government agencies at all levels: from ministries to state companies and municipalities.

Advocating for the interests of startups, we create successful networking and partnerships. We also work with business corporations and motivate them to launch pilot projects with startups.



We know the importance of telling good and meaningful stories. Thus, we do our best to make sure our residents make it to the leading Ukrainian media pages. Stories about our startups appear on the pages of international media — Atlantic Council, VOA, etc.



Our major goal is to build strong and lasting startup ties. 1991 residents become members of a growing community of peers, mentors, alumni, and IT volunteers, who share the same values. This allows to find entrepreneurs nearby and build meaningful connections.

Perhaps the most valuable insight for your project will be thrown by someone during a coffee break.


Unique offers from partner companies that work exclusively for the 1991 community

$ 5,000 for the development of email marketing

The only platform for email, SMS, web, push, Viber, and transactional emails.

Free day of use

Coworking network around the world.

$ 5,000 for two years

The Amazon Web Services platform offers reliable, scalable, and low-cost cloud computing services.

Five free days

Free space and workplace in the heart of Lviv.

30% discount on Weblium DIY

Free site designer with artificial intelligence.

50% discount on the annual subscription

An online service based on artificial intelligence to help write texts in English.

15% discount on the use

Service for tracking brand mentions in real-time.

40% discount for the first year of use

Online project management system. Planning, control of terms and budgets, reports.

20% discount on the use

A reliable partner that guarantees quality accounting, tax, legal support for small and medium-sized businesses.

Free mentoring for startup development

An online platform for a startup ecosystem.

30% discount on advice from leading experts

As well as a 10% discount on creating a financial model and specially designed support services for startups.

30% discount for the first year of using the service

$ 2000 discount on the service

$1000 credit to use Notion

Access to cool features of the application for building management systems, keeping notes, managing data, projects and organizing life. Mast-hev of teamwork and productive work.

Special offers for the use of development services

Six months of free access to development tools in Java, Kotlin, C#, F#, C++, Ruby, Python, PHP, JavaScript and teamwork tools. 50% discount on commercial subscription from the 7th month.‍

Startup program from Segment

Participation in the Segment Startup Program: $50,000 in credit for the first year of use and discounts of 25% to 50% on further use of the tools of the platform, which uses a pool of tools to collect, analyze, and transmit data.